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The Best Exercises for Seniors and What They Should Avoid

The Best Exercises for Seniors and What They Should Avoid

As we get older, our physical bodies and biology also change. That is why it is important for seniors to make an extra effort in staying in shape compared to younger generations. Exercise and nutrition are some of the important factors in keeping a healthy lifestyle. To stay physically active, doing exercise is a must. However, although physical fitness can give a lot of benefits, it also has the potential to cause harm to older adults.

Listed below are the exercises that seniors should avoid:

  • Bench press and leg press
  • Upright row and power clean
  • Squats with dumbbells or weights and deadlift
  • Long-distance running and abdominal crunches
  • High-intensity interval training and rock climbing

Here are some of the best exercises for them:

  • Pilates and walking
  • Bodyweight workouts
  • Resistance band workouts
  • Dumbbell strength training
  • Water aerobics and chair yoga

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