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Proper Positioning of a Stroke Patient in Bed

Proper Positioning of a Stroke Patient in Bed

A body of a stroke person experiences paralysis either on one side of their body or in serious cases, their motor functions are wholly inhibited. Due to this numbness or lesser ability to move certain parts of their body, it may lead to pressure sores, muscle shortening, or in worst cases, blood clots in the legs or lungs. Starting with proper positioning, a stroke patient in bed can greatly reduce the onset of these problems. This is important to prevent discomfort, lessen bedsores, and keep the blood flowing through their bodies. Proper positioning will ensure their safety, comfort, and fast recovery. Here are some of the recommended bed positions for stroke patients:

  • When lying on the affected side, use one or two pillows for their heads and position their affected should comfortably while placing pillows behind and front of the body to support the back and unaffected leg.
  • When lying on the unaffected side, use one or two pillows for their heads, and place both the affected shoulder and leg forward while supporting it with one or two pillows. Also, put a place behind the patient.

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