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Changes and Senior Loved Ones

Changes and Senior Loved Ones

Whether you live close to or across the country, it may be difficult to recognize signs of aging in your elderly parents. They may also be working hard to ensure that you do not notice any physical or cognitive changes.

If you are unable to pay a long visit to your elderly parent, there are indications to watch for to assess their well-being. Changes in your elderly parent’s behavior or cognitive abilities may suggest that you employ a caregiver from a home health agency in Nevada. If your elderly parent is intentionally concealing his or her health, it may be difficult to identify warning signs that they require care.

There are certain indicators you may check for to see if they’re in good health. In addition to the symptoms listed below, look for evidence of malnutrition, which is prevalent in the elderly.

  • Weight Loss or Weight Gain
  • Bruising Or Other Signs of Falls
  • Inability to Communicate Clearly
  • Changes to Household
  • Changes in Appearance
  • Isolation

It may be distressing to see your elderly parent deteriorate and know that you may need to seek assistance from skilled nursing in Nevada. The good news is that, for the most part, caregiving is a process.

If you are unable to care for your aging parent, there are home health services in Las Vegas, Nevada that can help. UR FIRST Home Health employs experienced caregivers who can assist clients with simple tasks such as making their home safe or arranging for meals to be delivered.

Remember, this is the person who has been looking after you for many years. If they require assistance, there are methods to get them the assistance they require without drowning.

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