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Top 5 Tips for Diabetes Care

Top 5 Tips for Diabetes Care

Hear this: approximately 30 million Americans have diabetes, and 1 out of every 4 persons don’t even have an idea that they have it. Furthermore, diabetes currently holds the 7th spot in being the leading cause of fatality in the country. No less than the CDC made this report to spread awareness information.

In other words, there’s a great chance that you know someone who, or even you yourself, is diagnosed with diabetes. Not to worry though, as diabetes can be managed. Even here in Nevada, a lot of diabetic people have navigated through the aging years and they survived it through care management.

Speaking of which, here are important practices of diabetes care that you need to administer at home on a daily basis:

  1. Sugar Level Monitoring
    Blood sugar level is responsible for a person’s diabetes, and for this reason, patients need to always be aware of whether their glucose level is at the right range. Glucose strips are available in many pharmacies. Patients can do the test themselves or when they are a homebound senior who needs assistance, they can receive help from skilled nurses providing home health services in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  2. Regular Exercises
    Diabetic patients are highly encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle while at the same time, monitor their glucose level. When they exercise, excess glucose in the bloodstreams can be flushed out of the body, thus, maintaining the level at the right range. A quick word of reminder though: check the glucose level before and after doing any activity to ensure that you will not have gone with the exercise too much.
  3. Check for Leg Wounds
    The lower extremities mostly get the brunt of diabetes complications. The reason is that glucose can block the proper flow of blood, so when they travel up to the body from the legs, the vein is unable to function better. When this happens, nutrition cannot be properly distributed to the legs, and for the person with wounds or scratches, healing can take time. For this reason, skilled nurses from a home health agency in Nevada help administer proper wound care to ensure that the wounds will not get infected and will heal better.
  4. Reduce Weight
    Gaining unnecessary weight is a great trigger for diabetes and its complications. There’s a higher chance for a person to easily have excess sugar in their bloodstreams when their weight is not at the right range. It is therefore encouraged for patients to maintain their weight not only through exercising, but also through healthy meals such as fruits and vegetables.
  5. Treatments
    Diabetes can also be treated depending on how severe it is. The treatment is mainly aimed at controlling blood sugar. If you’re interested in diabetes treatments, consult with your healthcare team.

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