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Is Your Loved One Taking the Right Medications?

Is Your Loved One Taking the Right Medications?

Medication safety is a crucial component of a person’s complete recovery. Whether they are receiving treatment in a hospital, nursing home, or in their own home, they should be administered with the correct medication to promote wellness and betterment of their health.

However, medication errors are also possible. In fact, this study depicts that at least one medication error happens every day to an average hospitalized patient.

Introducing: Medication Reconciliation

For this reason, many care facilities and hospitals regularly practice medication reconciliation. This is a record-keeping practice wherein a patient’s medications are diligently monitored. What they are currently taking is compared to what has been prescribed to verify that they have been taking the correct medication.

The Role of Home Visits

In one study, home visits by licensed nurses helped keep track of medication errors in children. These visits involved the investigation of how medicines are taken at home and what exact medicines are being administered. Family members are also interviewed to gather sufficient data as to whether medication error occurred, and what can be done when it does. The study found that home visits provided a greater opportunity for family members to recognize that medication errors took place. Furthermore, family members took an active role in the correct administration of medications to their family members to improve their conditions.

This is the same goal that we aim to reach as we provide home health services in Las Vegas, Nevada. Because our care professionals visit patients at home, we can assist you in taking a closer look at your loved one’s medication administration and safety.

Preventing Adverse Drug Effects

When your loved one has taken a wrong medication, they have experienced what is medically considered as medication discrepancy. The medication has been prescribed by a healthcare professional; however, it is not ideal for the patient’s condition. Hence, the discrepancy comes about. Medication discrepancy can result in adverse drug effects (ADEs). These are incidents wherein the patient experiences complications due to the medications they have taken. In the worst-case scenario, the patient can be harmed when improper medication implementation took place.

Benefits of Home Health Care

In another study, elderly patients at home report great satisfaction in receiving care from professionals of a home health care provider. Among the reasons indicated is the provider’s respect for the patient’s sense of independence in administering their quality care and recognizing the individual needs of the patient as they receive care. These are the same considerations we also include as a home health agency in Nevada.


Quality patient care is ever at the forefront of services such as what we provide at UR FIRST Home Health. Regular home visits from health care professionals provide a better opportunity for patients to play an active role in their overall recovery. Hence, if you have a loved one who needs skilled nursing in Nevada, you now know how we can help you. Feel free to contact us.

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