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Alleviating the Pain to Lessen Your Strain

Alleviating the Pain to Lessen Your Strain

A significant proportion of the elderly suffers from chronic pain. This greatly restricts their everyday activities and has a considerable impact on their quality of life. It’s also linked to a higher rate of negative consequences such as functional impairment, falls, Depression, and sleep problems. As we can see, their physical ailments have a cascading effect on their overall health, putting a strain on both emotional and psychological components.

As providers of exceptional home health services in Las Vegas, Nevada, we at UR FIRST Home Health aspire to achieve the best functional level of health in seniors. It’s our goal to deliver top-notch care to them by targeting the root of their problems!

When searching for prospective pain management experts in your area, here is a guide to help you in making your decisions. The appropriate management should be built on these four fundamental elements:

  • Working knowledge of the physiologic changes associated with aging
  • The challenges of accurately assessing pain
  • The unique effects of common therapeutic agents upon the elderly
  • The importance of adjunctive therapies

Pain should not have to be endured by anyone, especially not by your beloved seniors. We have a variety of services available in our agency to meet your and your family’s daily needs! Grab your chances of receiving the best skilled nursing in Nevada and many more!

If you’re looking for a comprehensive home health agency in Nevada, you’ve come to the right place. We could be just what you’re looking for, so call us if you wish to know more!

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